Kat Whitlock

Nashville Update-January 2018 Trip

I'm a couple of weeks late in posting this but I'm back from my January Nashville trip! 

This trip I recorded a couple of cover songs & shot a video for one of them! I'll be doing a video for the other one soon, so keep on the look out for that!


I had a great session with Maggie this trip! She loved some of my new material that I showed her, which was great to hear.  I cannot wait for you guys to hear them. I will be performing some of them at my acoustic shows, so if you want to hear them first, come to a show! :)


I went into the studio with Jonathan again this trip. This time to record some covers!


Oh! Did I mention that Jonathan is AWESOME?!!  Check out those Grammys!!

Laying down the vocals



Me, at the Helm ;-)  



Mapping out the guitar parts & how I want them to sound.


My Baby Girl "Annabelle" looking pretty in the studio.


Hair, makeup & wardrobe done! 


Killin' time before I head to the studio.  Getting my mental game straight! 


Behind the scenes of the video shoot for "Perfect".


Behind the scenes with Grammy & Dove award winning producer Keith Thomas for the shooting of my cover video. "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran.  I gotta say it was a huge honor for Keith to give me his time & talent.  It was awesome!


Bernard overlooking the process. Always taking care of me! #PCGStrong 


bernard and keith


I had a couple of shows while I was in Nashville!


Opry Mills Unplugged!


Look who came to see me!!


T-Ran!!  Look him up! He's awesome!

 Kat and Tran


My Girl Maggie Neuberger!  She's a fellow Austin artist you should show some love to!

kat and maggie


Just Love on Music Row- My FIRST Writers Round!  I had a blast!

 Just Love


 Clip from one of my originals I shared at the Round titled "Bubble" co-written with the amazing Margaret Becker!



Nashville Update-November Trip

I'm back from a very successful trip to Nashville! I did a lot of writing & had some great co-writes with some amazing songwriters. I can't wait to share some new music with you guys but we'll both have to be patient.  In the mean time, here's some photos from my trip, including a little shopping excursion.  

After my co-write session with Margaret. We got one completed song and a second one that is almost complete!

Me & Britton completed another song this trip. We're having one last listen to the work tape to be sure we're satisfied before hitting render & sending a copy to my manager.


Back at the hotel after a long, but productive day. Had dinner and my Mom snapped this photo of me getting in some more writing, hence the thoughtful look on my face. "deep concentration & creativity flowing"

My first session with Jonathan. We managed to finish a rough draft of a song in 3 hours!!!  I'm waiting to go into the booth to record the vocals on the work tape.

Having one final discussion before I go into the booth to lay down vocals.  

Had to get a photo to memorialize our first co-write.


Me and Bernard. We're planning to take over the world! :D

Getting in some retail therapy...I like hats!


It's a keeper!













Kat signs to PCG Universal

I recently signed with artist development company PCG Universal! I'm so excited to see where this journey takes me!



Kat with Bernard Porter, President of PCG Universal


Let You Go- Single by Kat Whitlock out NOW!!!

Check it out!!!


Spent the day at Orb Studios with producer/musician Joseph Milligan recording my upcoming single "Let You Go."  I cannot wait for you to hear it!

Studio 1Studio 3studio 6



Studio 4Studio 5Studio 7




Behind the scenes video footage